Hornchurch Mecca Bingo to close

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Rumours have been spreading on Facebook that Mecca Bingo in Hornchurch is to close.


We contacted Mecca Bingo asking if the bingo hall is to close and they confirmed these rumours, they said:

I am very sorry.  We never take the decision to close a club lightly, especially one that, thanks to the team at Hornchurch, is performing well.  However, we have been made an offer for the site that is far greater than the profit we could generate from the site over the next 10-12 years so we owe it to our shareholders to seriously consider it. We also have two modern clubs, Dagenham and Romford, within two miles of the site which have the capacity to accommodate customers from Hornchurch.  


Mecca Bingo is based in what used to be the Cinema and we have yet to hear what will happen to this historical building, although rumours are that it’s to be knocked down and turned into flats


We will keep you all posted

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5 thoughts on “Hornchurch Mecca Bingo to close

  1. Gordon.

    It looks like it was built in the 1930’s in which case it MIGHT be possible to get it listed that would save the building, but not whati it can be used for. I hope that helps a little.

  2. Ed

    If you want to save the building just apply for it to be listed. Application forms are available on the English Heritage site.

  3. Keith Penfold

    If Havering Council really cared about our heritage they would have ensured the building was protected – much of the borough is a product of the inter-war years and the best and most significant examples must be looked after. The period is as much of our heritage as anything older. It was great when TOWERS was revealed again on the fascia – not only did it regain the original identity of the building but also revived the reference to Grey Towers the nearby mansion.

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