Janet Dudek-Cross has written an message on Facebook to a man who helped her husband after a cycling accident.

bike fall photo

He was cycling near to Upminster Station on Sunday morning (21/06/2015) when the accident occurred and he had to be taken by ambulance to The Queen’s Hospital. During this period a man who is possibly called ‘Mr Butler’ assisted Janet’s Husband and she wrote the following note that was posted on the facebook group ‘Upminster Community(used with permission)

I would like to thank the person at Upminster Station who helped my husband Robert when he had his cycling accident on Sunday morning.

Not only did you help him by talking to him and keeping him calm, but you phoned for an ambulance and waited until the ambulance arrived to take Robert to hospital.

You are a wonderful man! By staying with Robert you missed your transport and been late to wherever it was you were travelling to. Not everyone would’ve done this.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and hope that your family and friends are proud of you. We think your name was Mr Butler?

Thank you also to the Station Staff who were very kind, and to the ambulance crew for looking after Robert (and his cycle).

Thank you to the staff at Queens Hospital for also looking after Robert and his cycle. I think you all went above and beyond on this occasion.

Do you know who this man is? Did you see this incident? Please contact us

Photo by coollou718