From nautical themed bedding, to cushions and throws in every colour imaginable, Time 4 Sleep’s best-dressed bed competition has received over 50 entries; as it looks to reveal the most house proud Brits amongst us.

Haydy Squibb, 27, an SEO analyst from Hornchurch is really chuffed with how her bedroom turned out, and the bed plays a huge role.

Haydy said: “I like to take risks, and felt that we needed to keep the theme of the room, following into our bedding, making the room complete.”

Haydy’s photo, plus a selection of other entries can be seen below:

Georgina Burnett, interior design vlogger for said: “The bedroom used to be a sacred place untouched by the media, but today it’s the location to be seen in. It’s the backdrop of many vloggers and is far more stylised than you may have realised.

“The bedroom’s day of fame has come from the early days of vloggers when all they had was a bedroom in a shared house – compared to the mansions the top names can afford.
“The stage is set to indicate the persona the celebrity is aiming to project, and there’s nothing more personal than a bed.”

Gemma Philpott, (24), a full time mum from Essex entered her bed as she has just moved into a new property and loves making it look pretty. She said: “I love getting into my bed every night, folding back the covers, kicking off the pillow, then making it look pretty in the morning, so I can walk in and out of my room during the day to admire it.”

Anouska Scott, (37), an artist from Crowthorne, entered her image into the competition, as she wanted to show off a Time 4 Sleep bed, in situ. She said: “I wanted to share my unusual, quirky and colourful design scheme, to show you can have fun with the colour teal.
“The best thing about this dressed bed is that it is the guest bedroom, so can look like a 5* hotel most of the time. With four children and two dogs, the rooms in our house rarely remain calm, so this was my chance to dress a bed with lots of cushions and create a calm and tranquil show piece for the rest of the house!”

Emma Fielding, (27), a category co-ordinator entered the competition after moving into a new home and saving for a wedding. She said: “I love shabby chic and knew exactly what I wanted, a wooden, white, sleigh bed.

“A bed is not a bed to me without cushions, fluffy, sequin and feather ones are all on my bed. I’m obsessed with a stylish, tidy bed, which my boyfriend hates. Before I go to work, I make sure the bed is made to my standards; I hate the thought of getting into an unmade bed!”

Jonathan Warren, director at Time 4 Sleep, said: “We’re a nation that loves to make things look pretty, and, as such, we wanted to hear from the budding style icons and see exactly how people in the UK dress their beds.

“We really enjoyed looking through the entries, it’s great to see lots of creativity and individuality. All the photos are fantastic, including Haydy’s stag themed bedroom.

“We hope that our competition has encouraged the nation to keep taking photos, and showcased that the interiors process doesn’t stop when you buy a bed, making it look aesthetically pleasing is all part of the fun too!”

The lucky winner will receive a brand new Time 4 Sleep mattress worth £399.

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