Havering Street Pastors celebrates 10 years of patrolling in Romford and Hornchurch

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For 10 years trained volunteers from churches across Havering have been patrolling the streets of Romford Town Centre.

They go out between 10pm & 3am or 4am listening caring and helping anyone in need, working in partnership with council & police.

To celebrate 10 years in Hornchurch & Romford, they held a bbq at North Street Halls in Hornchurch inviting street pastors & their families

They also commissioned their newest Street Pastor, who went out with that’s night’s patrol in Hornchurch

Jan Stainer, who has been involved with The Street Pastors for around 3 years,  said:

There have been many memorable events – mostly either supporting people who are going through similar experiences to street pastors and encouraging them to keep going. Others are finding people, sometimes years later, who were helped and come back to say thank you. 

We are now patrolling in Romford every Friday night and Hornchurch on alternate Saturday nights. But we are hoping to set up Rail Pastors for local stations and maybe town pastors for early evenings to help younger people. 

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