Wow it’s 2020 and it means HornchurchLife has been around for OVER 8 YEARS. Wow

It is a privately run website and I don’t receive any profits at all, just run for the interest of Hornchurch and Havering.

I will continue to try and support Hornchurch and the surrounding areas as much as possible. Advertising events, charities, shops and private companies in the area, trying to keep it all fun and keeping everyone up to date with what’s going on in our area and at our key partners, including The Queen’s Theatre & The RAFA Club in Romford

Anyone who knows me, knows that the last year has been chaotic and this year should be a lot lot better, let’s see how HornchurchLife can grow

Recently we have received posts asking for further information about The Queen’s Theatre and Havering events, please remember that although we wish to support all these areas, we may not be able to provide further information.

Please let me know if you have any ideas for what we can post on the website, I’m always open to press information sent to us via email (although I have to find it interesting)

Do you run group at the theatre/amateur dramatics and wish for a review the show or just want advertising? Contact us

Do you want to write for HornchurchLife? Always open to content, Contact us

Also, do you own a website/magazine/just like the idea of working together for articles? Contact us

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