Students of Stepping Stones Day Nursery ‘graduate’

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Dressed to impress in their gowns and Mortarboard Caps, the little students of Stepping Stones Day Nursery at Havering College made their parents proud when they ‘graduated’.

Beesy Bees Graduation 1

Most the class of 2016 have been at Stepping Stones Day Nursery since they were babies and have grown in confidence, developing all the social and academic skills that they need to start school.

The little graduates made their way to their seats on the stage and patiently waited to be presented with their diplomas. It was an emotional moment for parents as their children’s names were announced along with a summary of their educational journeys.

Chanel Clarke, a student of Stepping Stones for over four years was first to be called up. She graciously accepted her certificate and listened as her teacher praised her for her impressive drawing abilities, confidence and conversational skills.

Graduation Ceremoy - Stepping Stones Dat Nursery

Austin Winterford, a student at Stepping Stones since 2014 was praised for being such a caring, friendly and well-mannered little boy.  Other graduates received similar warm comments and accolades.

After the presentation, the celebrations began.  There were tasty treats for all to enjoy along with one last opportunity to play with their classmates of 2016, before heading off to their new schools.

Maria Thompson – Principal of Havering College had this to say

“It was such a moving Graduation ceremony, to see how far these little students have come and at such a young age. I am confident each and every student will achieve success in whatever educational journey they take and hopefully we shall see them return for Further and Higher Education in the future “

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