A new sculpture is unveiled at Roneo Corner

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A new sculpture was unveiled at Roneo Corner this weekend which symbolizes the historic Roneo Vickers factory which used to occupy the site.

The sculpture, which was unveiled on Saturday March 21, was designed with the help of some of the people who used to work in the factory, along with residents, who attended artist’s workshops. The workshops were held at schools, at the YMCA and at the museum in Romford during summer 2011.


The design represents the printing process developed by Roneo, where blank sheets are fed into a cylindrical drum, containing a stencil, and printed sheets emerge from the other end. At the lower end of the sculpture there are sheets of Corten steel, which has a coating that resembles rust but is actually a layer of oxidisation that prevents rust from developing in the material. The cylinder contains images and texts that came out of the workshops, made out of sheets of polished steel.

The piece itself, plus installation and workshops, were all fully funded by money from a section 106 agreement, which is money given to the Council by the original developers of the site.

Councillor Melvin Wallace, Cabinet Member for Culture and Community Engagement, said:

“This is a lovely piece of artwork that pays tribute to the factory which used to stand there. I hope that this sculpture is enjoyed by the community, and that it inspires people to learn about the history of the site.”

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