6 years since Ricky Murray released his guide to Hornchurch

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July 2017 marks 6 years since a man called Ricky Murray showed us around with his official guide to Hornchurch.

If it wasn’t for this video we wouldn’t know about the real origin of the name ‘Hornchurch’ or why the fire station was placed along North Street

We caught up with Dave Wol, who helped write and film the piece, and the star Ricky Murray:

What gave you the idea for Ricky Murry’s guide?
Just knowing Rick for so long gave me the idea. It was written with him in mind. I saw him a few months later and asked if he was interested. He was wearing the same brown suit as in the video which was perfect.

Why did you choose Hornchurch for your first guide?
It’s where we grew up so we know it well.

Some people have accused the video of being historically inaccurate, what do you have to say to them?
Have they? I’d probably tell them to do their research because it is in fact 100% entirely accurate.

Do you have any plans for future productions? Maybe involving Ricky Murry?
Maybe. We both record a lot of music so maybe some kind of music video. I’ve done a load of TV show remixes which you can find on my channel (YouTube.com/davewol). We probably won’t do any more guides, although we did do a guide to Romford

Are you and Ricky still in touch? How’s his hair doing?
Last I heard, Ricky’s hair got an agent and moved to Hollywood.

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