RSPCA Havering had a park bench stolen from the front of their Campbell Clinic in Harold Hill during Tuesday night.
On Wednesday morning they placed a plea on their Facebook page asking for it to be returned and ‘nothing else will be said’

Photo of the bench taken from Havering RSPCA’s Facebook page

The loss of the bench was a great loss for the charity:

The table was a wonderful gift from a kind and thoughtful supporter of our branch. It was a place for our clients to sit if their dogs were scared of other animals. It provided a place for owners who have just lost a beloved pet and sit down and take time to grieve and to deal with their heartbreak. Finally It was a place for our hard working volunteers to sit and take a break from a stressful day and to gather their thoughts.

We are a small charity with limited funds and gifts like this from our supporters mean the world to us, since we feel our money is better spent on the animals .

After the plea on Facebook they were contacted by many people, including a lady called Jan who spotted the bench Trowbridge Road and contacted the charity and the whole cook family carried it back to the clinic.

Photo of the bench taken from Havering RSPCA’s Facebook page

Havering RSPCA said:

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to the greater majority of the Harold Hill Community. Thank you so much for all your messages, 

We are not sure if people had stolen it for a laugh to dump it or if somone spotted the FB post and found their conscience but either way we are glad to have it back!

Once again we have learnt a sad lesson, that as much as we love and trust our neighbourhood around our Campbell Clinic (there are some amazing people in Harold Hill). Sadly this has proved that not everyone is good, and we will need to ensure our belongings are locked away safely, which is sad . .

Once again thank you for your support <3