Avelon Road Day Opportunities Centre has been running recycling bowling skittles into works of art as part of the centre’s arts and crafts activities.

The centre is part of the London Borough of Havering’s Adult Social Services and offers day opportunities for people with a learning disability aged 18 and over.

Previous creations come in all shapes and sizes, with Daleks, Elvis Presley, horse jockeys and penguins joining the roster. The project began after staff recycled disused bowling skittles in storage at the centre and used them as a canvas for decorating. Each skittle uses only recycled fabrics, beads, foam and other materials in an array of creative ways.

The next project will involve a 2D life size version of the Mayor of Havering. The 2D life size version of the Mayor of Havering and again will involve skittles, with a skittle frame that has been designed

The skittle has been decorated entirely with recycled materials at the centre. It is due to go on display with the collection of skittles at Havering Town Hall this week.

Councillor Jason Frost, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, said: “It’s wonderful to highlight projects like these as they make such a big difference to the lives of people who use the centre.

“The inventive use of resources to create such valuable experiences and high quality art really demonstrates the outstanding work being undertaken at Avelon Road Centre.”

The bowling skittle frame has been designed, created and provided by Jerram Falkus Construction LTD who have kindly supported the community project.