Bean Bag Cinema in Hornchurch

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Who we are:

Bean Bag Cinema is managed by volunteers from 1st Squirrels Heath Scout Group; all funds raised contribute to the support of young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society.  Bean Bag Cinema is a fully MPLC (Motion Pictures Licensing Company) licensed cinema operating under the values and methods of Scouting.noname

Our aims and objectives

1st Squirrels Heath Scout Group identified the need to create a fundraising platform for the Scout Group and wanted to provide the community a service and venue where they can enjoy their favourite films in a cinematic venue with friends and family.

Bean Bag Cinema has a full line up of films for 2015, which can be viewed and tickets purchased on the website  The Cinema is also available for exclusive hire for children and adult birthday parties and will screen the film of your choice and will also provide the popcorn.

We aim to create lasting memories and to give the local community an experience of something “different” to do in the local area, whilst raising money for local charities.

In future we will be approaching local businesses to sponsor screenings in the aim of promoting small businesses in the local community and promoting local economic growth as well as promoting community spirit.

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