London to Brighton Bike Ride 6th Sept 2015

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THANK YOU for taking 5 mins out of your day to read this article by Michelle Fitzgibbons, Romford Shopping Hall, Sales and Marketing Manager


Meet a very brave girl and my step daughter Chloe. She suffers from a rare genetic cancer condition called VHL.

From the age of 9, when Chloe was diagnosed, she has had a series of invasive operations on her brain, spine and eye. Unfortunately she lost her eye at the age of 12.

VHL or von Hippel-Lindau is a genetic form of cancer. VHL patients battle a series of tumours throughout their lives. The VHL gene is involved in many other forms of cancer. Finding a cure for VHL will play a vital role in curing cancer!

Justin and I will be participating in a London to Brighton Bike ride on the 6th September.

Thank you for your kind donations to help us reach £200 in sponsorship for registered charity “Bike for Cancer”.  Just click the link!

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