Hero from Havering assists 71 year old man from Debden

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Keith, a member of the fire and rescue service at Stapleford Flight Centre, was asked by a colleague to help fix a sink and toilet in a house belonging to Alan, a 71 year old man living in Debden, but he has done a lot more

We spoke to Keith, from Romford, and asked about his experience and support he’s asking people to provide:

On arrival my first thought was what mess and terrible smell.. after speaking to him and listening to what he had been through not only with illness but a previous builder who caused some of the damage and left without doing any of the work. I made the work safe repairing his ceiling and refitting his emergency cord that got help should he have fallen.


When i left him i thought i must do something. The council he tells me wont do anything as he had private people in and he must reinstate everything before they will help.

I put a status up on Fb ranting about this and thats when the support and offers came.  We decided to sort him out and get him back in track. The place is a mess. We want to sort it out for him with little fuss and make it a home again.

We have all the labour now covered and a good start on the materials. We are looking at doing the work in the first week of december once we have all the materials/items.

It is so nice that people want to help and this story will regardless have a happy ending

On his Facebook page Keith has given a list of items that need to complete further works to the house

20m2 of wall tiles. Grout and adhesive.
Safety floor 2m x 1.6m i have adhesive but need 3 bags of screed.
Light and pull cord.

Safety floor 2m x 1.2m

Safety floor 2m x3m
Kitchen sink single with drainer and tap
3m work top and splash back though we can tile
1000 base and wall unit
600 base unit
Electric cooker up to 60cm max
Microwave and a kettle

Carpet and underlay 6m x 4m
Single bed frame

And finaly paint white for ceilings and magnolia for wall. And any white for wood work

Or you can contribute to funds for the above on his GoGetFunding page

For more information, including an up to date list of what is needed, take a look at Keith’s Facebook page

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