Jenny Townsend reviews some revolutionary new skincare
PRODUCTS 011I found Dr Gabriela Mercik on Facebook who is well known for introducing her cutting-edge products and treatments to the world of aesthetic medicine.  Following research into the Nobel Prize-winning science of aquaporin channels, Gabriela has harnessed the powers of a revolutionary new skincare ingredient that will change the way we treat ageing skin using molecular water.  Molecular water is made up of microscopic water molecules smaller than the size of a pore and much smaller than actual water molecules.  These microscopic water molecules are able to penetrate the aquaporin moisture channels found in the skin cell membrane and enter the heart of the cell where they promote cellular metabolism and skin health.  The infusion of molecular water into the skin cell stimulates blood flow to the area.  When you apply the product ie the Hydration Rejuvenation hand cream, you can see it working.  The veins come to the surface of the skin and there is an immediate difference to the texture of the skin which lasts for 72 hours.  This product reduces wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and open pores.  It also improves skin elasticity and skin health.  As well as the hand cream I have also tried the Magic Beauty Face lift Serum with excellent results.

PRODUCTS 013I have oily skin so Dr Gabriela gave me Moonlight Dust Activator Cleanser and Moonlight Dust Skin Toner.   The cleanser removes makeup and excess oils.  This activator unclogs pores and allows them to breathe, whilst maintaining the skin’s PH level and inhibiting the growth of bacteria. The toner which contains molecular water  is applied to start the rehydration process and balance pH levels in the skin before using the Magic beauty Face Lift Serum.  Again, this product inhibits the growth of bacteria and restricts excessive seborrhea and inflammation.  I have had great results using all of these products.  My skin is smoother, clearer, hydrated and my under eye area in particular has improved with the serum.  My hands look more youthful and hydrated too and I found the hand cream good on rough areas such as my elbows and knees.

I have also had a consultation with Dr Gabriela Mercik for some aesthetic treatments which I will be returning for in the summer.  She has recommended PDO threads to sharpen my jaw line and define my upper lip along with a specific type of filler that rejuvenates the skin and sculpts the shape of the face.  The thing I liked most about the consultation was Gabriela’s concern and question for why I wanted to change my face.  When I explained that I didn’t want to change the way I look, but to look like the younger me, we looked at some photos of me in my late 20’s and started to decide the way forward from there.  This proved to me that Dr Gabriela is ethical and concerned for patient well being.

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