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Beauty journalist and blogger Jenny Townsend tries a new hair treatment at The Vanilla Room in Hornchurch called Olaplex.

Olaplex conditions right to the very core of the hair shaft and strengthens the hair from the inside out. I decided to get down there and check it out as I needed a whole new hair makeover.

My stylist Emmy, (Who has 26 years experience), and I had a consultation where we decided on a funky choppy bob and to colour my hair incorporating the Olaplex conditioning treatment. As I have a much younger looking face now thanks to Vie Aesthetics and Dr Giorgia Ratta, I wanted something funky. We decided on a warm chestnut brown with bright red choppy streaks going through it. (I’ve been red before and really liked it).

Olaplex 1 was used in my colours, which were left on for 20 minutes. Then Olaplex 2 was applied for a further 20 minutes. After that my hair was washed with Vitamino Colour Shampoo and Keratise Fuso Dose treatment with radiance booster was applied to keep my colour for longer. Once that was rinsed out, Emmy went to work with her magic scissors and expertly blow dried my hair using Volumifique heat protection spray.

I was happy with my new look and the softness and glossiness of my hair. This treatment will last me for a few weeks and has helped to repair the damage caused by over colouring my hair as I change it often. I would especially recommend Olaplex if your colouring your hair and also as a stand alone treatment, especially for highlighted and bleached hair as it rebuilds your hair from the inside out, repairing damage. You can even buy a bottle to use at home. Olaplex if used with your colour is £20, if used as a stand alone treatment it’s £35 and to buy for home use it’s £36. Keratise Fuso Dose is £17.50. Cut and style is from £36. Consultations and fringe trims are complimentary. The Vanilla Rooms also offer hair extensions and beauty treatments including; facials, machine facials, nails, eyelashes, brow treatments, make up, body treatments, massage and sunless tanning. All prices and services are on the website.

I noticed that when I next washed my hair, very little colour came out due to the Olaplex and the Fuso Dose Treatment and when dried my hair felt very soft to the touch and was nice and shiny, proof that this treatment really does work!

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The Vanilla Room is a really creative salon, and it’s Facebook page is packed with lots of hair style inspiration and advice. Certainly worth a ‘Like’ if you’re thinking of a new look this season. If you’re quick, you can still enjoy the SPRING HAIR SALE. This gives new clients 25% off colour, cut & style services, or 50% off cut & style services until the end of April. For more info on the sale visit

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