Tune in today to see Brentwood School’s Expulsion fight against some pretty big robot wars veterans

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Today’s the day we see how Expulsion, the robot created by Sixth Form students at Brentwood School, fight in the robot wars arena. 

The robot is a unique horizontal spinner with four retractable blades that only extend once the weapon has spun up to speed, meaning it can spin up faster, without worrying about air resistance or other robots trying to “jam it up”.

But the team has there work cut out for them, especially as they are up against some large robot wars veterans:


Chimera turned up last year and was knocked out pretty swiftly. But it has returned this year after a complete rebuild and the final result is a much better machine. 


Like Expulsion, Concussion are completely new to robot combat, but it’s pretty impressive with a single-toothed drum that spins at 6000rpm. 


Foxic was curtailed by technical problems last year and didn’t get to fulfil its true potential, but after a complete rebuild, it’ll be looking to get revenge on MR Speed Squared and Thor, who beat it in the head-to-head round last year. 


Built by the team behind semi-finalist 13 Black, this is the second of the heat’s unique spinners and features a 360-degree rotating arm with various attachments, so it can lift, grab, or thwack.


MR Speed Squared debuted as a prototype last year, although it looked impressive it was bulky, unreliable and had no bottom armour. But this year, they’ve refined the concept with a spinning ring weighs 35kg and spins at 900rpm. 


Tauron are another first-timer group, who have put together a very impressive bot. Its 13kg vertical hammers spin at 3000rpm and are mounting on a pivot, so when flipped it carries on working. 


Last year’s fourth-placed has been completely rebuilt. The front end is much thicker and sturdier

Expulsion comes to Robot Wars tonight at 7pm on BBC 2

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