Daniel Lassman hangs on in The Apprentice

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A previous member of Hornchurch FC, Daniel Lassman now runs his own pub quiz company. Despite his background it appeared that he failed to come up with any ideas for The Apprentice board game challenge tonight and instead the team chose a game which asked random questions about relationships and the player had to choose an answer from the 3 given. Most of the questions were created by Mark and when the retailers were approached they often described the questions as sleazy and sexist.


Lord Sugar quoted Mark in saying:

No tactics are needed when you are complete in the world of business

But Sugar pointed out that Mark is nowhere near being complete in business and that he may need to work on his tactics

In the end Daniel hanged in there but Sugar said that the only reason was that he thought Daniel has the spark of enthusiasm in his belly that some of the other candidates were lacking

But Daniel is not popular with the other candidates, with them saying:

You’ve got to fire me or him, because I can’t handle this

What are your thoughts Daniel Lassman? Do you think he will go far in the process?

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