The Game of Love and Chai – Review

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The Game of Love and Chai blends British humour in an updated version of Marivaux’s 18th Century French farce. The story follows a curious couple at their first meeting at a potential marriage introduction. Unsure of the other’s suitability as a match they independently devise a plan to swap places with their cousin and unlicensed Uber driver so they can observe their potential spouse undetected.

Infusing a homage to the heightened emotions and exaggerated performances found in, especially, older Bollywood movies this play brings laugh out loud moments to an audience looking for some classic comedic fun. However, if all this talk of French theatre and Hindi cinema doesn’t sound like your cup of tea rest assured that the play is steeped in British banter. Gentle jibes at Guardian readers who take themselves too seriously brews alongside the flirty observations of a Primark clad character. In addition, the actors often break the fourth wall reminiscent of the warmth and humour of Morecambe and Wise and, for fans of the Miranda sitcom, you’ll especially love the ‘allure’ joke.

While the play may first appear to explore the similarities of the absurd nature of falling in love via an East meets West format it also touches on the role of class and status in attraction. Although the story is a fast paced, classic comedy sweetened with some silly, there is also some character development and a thought provoking moment about our vulnerability in marriage.

So if you are looking for some cheeky chortles The Game of Love and Chai is currently on tour. You can book tickets in about the same time it takes the kettle to boil!

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