The Queen’s Theatre’s Cut to the Chase cast once again show their perfect comic timing in this classic fast paced comedy. Written by Marc Camoletti, Boeing! Boeing is the story of Barnard, who’s carefully timetabled 3 way affair is ruined by the arrivals of the jet age

Barnard was played by Fred Broom, who we have previously seen at The Queen’s Theatre in ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and ‘Lend me a Tenor’. There were one or two stumbles but overall Fred does an excellent job of portraying the overly-confident philanderer.

Fred Broom, Sarah Mahony (Boeing! Boeing!, Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch, 2015)

One of the main stars of the show is Tom Cornish who plays Barnard’s old school friend who comes to visit. Tom is particularly responsible for a lot of the physical comedy, at one point doing acrobatics on the stage and always giving over-the-top reactions to the situation; as his character learns the plot along with the audience.

Megan Leigh Mason plays the ‘hard done by’ maid (Bertha) who always has a sarcastic reaction to anything that happens. Megan was on essential to some of the parts that got the largest laughs and she surprised us with some dancing between scenes; which received a large applause afterwards.

Tom Cornish, Ellie Rose Boswell, Megan Leigh Mason (Boeing! Boeing!, Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch, 2015)

The three airline stewardesses are played by Sarah Mahony (Gabriella), Ellie Rose Boswell (Gloria) and Joanna Hickman (Gretchen). The accents could be a little on-and-off but overall they each portrayed the stewards with their varied personalities. The comedy between the stewardesses was perfectly timed, with one girl leaving the set while the other enters; leaving the audience on edge as to when the women will discover that they are not the only women in Barnard’s life.

The set was simple but was essential to the perfectly timed scenes between all the characters, with 7 doors on stage; each being used for a unique purpose. The set is also used before the production even begins, with the doors being used to as a screen to treat the audience to a light show involving a dancing air stewardess.

After seeing previous Queen Theatre’s productions ‘Two and Two Makes Sex’ and ‘Run for Your Wife’, the adulterer plot of ‘Boeing! Boeing!’ did feel a little bit like more of the same; but it did mean more of the same physical and well timed comedy that the ‘Cut to the Chase’ cast excels at.

Overall the night was an enjoyable one and it left me laughing so much that my side started to hurt.

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Sarah Mahony – Gabriella
Ellie Rose Boswell – Gloria
Fred Broom – Bernard
Tom Cornish – Robert
Joanna Hickman – Gretchen
Megan Leigh Mason – Bertha