The Wesley Players have performed a huge amount of plays at Upminster Methodist Church including ‘Murdered to Dead’, ‘Go Back for Murder’ and ‘Golden Goose’. Their latest production; ‘The Sign of The Crippled Harlequin’, is a comedy thriller written by Norman Robbins

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The set, designed and constructed by members of the cast, was a simple living room layout with a settee and chair, this put all the focus onto the actors allowing you to concentrate on the web of a plot.

The cunningness of the plot was to mislead you into accepting the simplicity of the story at the beginning and as soon as it has your trust the scenario unravelled. The story has a lot of twists and turns, leaving the audience in suspense through most of the night and leaving some of the plot open for criticism at the end.

There were a few stumbles but the performance skills of the large cast of amateur actors/actresses were above my expectations. The show was held together by Kathryn Cordell, who plays the hotel owner Sally Lockwood, and is on stage throughout most of the production. I also particularly admired the portrayal of the stuttering and shy character of Lionel Reece, played by Alex Muckersie.


Other performances of note were Hillary Andrews, who plays Pamela Seton, and Charlii Richardson, who plays Isobel Clark.


The show is on this weekend at Upminster Methodist Church, click here for more information

The next show being performed by The Wesley Players will be the Christmas Panto on the 29th – 21st January 2015. But before then they have been commissioned to provide 3 Murder Mystery evenings in November, if you are interested in playing a part contact Vicky Stowe at

  • Marjorie Pike – Louise Richardson
  • Sally Lockwood – Kathryn Cordell
  • Pamela Seton – Hilary Andrews
  • Bryan Lockwood – Colin Richardson
  • Joan Reece – Vicky Stowe
  • Derek Tyndale – Peter Mason
  • Lionel Reece – Alex Muckersie
  • Isobel Clark – Charlii Richardson
  • Director – Courtney De Moita Deus
  • Produced By – Jayne Jones

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