Brentwood Theatre has always been great at bringing the area’s panto alternatives. While many theatres use the chance to put on the traditional panto, Brentwood are always willing to bring laughs and entertain audiences with much more traditional shows aimed at younger audiences. This year they bring us a version of the classic Aesop’s fable ‘The Boy who Cried Wolf’, written by Mike Kenny and brought to us by tutti frutti productions.

This year I was lucky enough to attend this show with 7-year-old Lily-Anne, who agreed to give her feedback on her experience of the night:

This is a show that is suitable for children, about a boy and what he shouted (“wolf”)

I enjoyed all three of the characters and the actors did a great job of doing loads of different roles. My favourite of the roles has to be the sheep (“baaaaa”), who always played a part in all of my favourite parts of the show. When I went into the show I meet all three of the actors (Florence Russell, Guido Garcia Lueches and Alex Wingfield), they introduced themselves as we walked into the theatre. They were all knitting and even laughed at my daddy’s snowman jumper, even then they had me laughing and it was very entertaining. 

During the show all of the actors showed their amazing talents in singing, dancing and playing instruments. I enjoyed their dancing and thought Florence was the best, although Guido and Alex all had excellent dancing moves, including doing rollovers on other actor’s backs. The singing was excellent and a lot of scenes had it in, with all of the actors playing instruments as they sung along.

The scenery was basic but beautiful, there were trees with lights that reminded me of my Christmas tree and extra extra large cotton threads that opened with props inside.

My daddy taught me about Aesop’s fables and I enjoyed the Brentwood Theatre’s version of ‘The boy who cried wolf’. It was a very good production and taught me a lot about the story, including that “No-one believes a liar even when they are telling the truth”

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