Snow White is brought to us by the professional production company based in and around Havering called The Blue Tees, formed though local charity The Habbit Factory. I was lucky enough to attend the show with 7-year-old Lily-Anne, who agreed to give her feedback on her experience of the night:

I remember seeing ‘The Blue Tees’ performance last year (Aladdin), but this year I was even more excited to see a show based upon the first Disney Princesses ‘Snow White’, it’s like a normal pantomime but it does things that bigger theatres don’t do, such as letting the children on the stage to dance and help the characters.

All the characters were so good but my favourite had to be The Magic Mirror, played by Jayne Brennan, she’s very lazy with the rhyming but is a very good actor and she’s always moaning that she’s stuck in the mirror, but can you help her get out and find the red ruby?

My sister’s favourite character was the beautiful Snow White, played by Hannah-Marie Salmon, because she was very excited for the final wedding day and she was really kind, but we’re still a little bit confused by her final choices between The Prince (played by Joseph Fitzpatrick) and Muddles (Played by Ryan Havis), although Muddle’s mum couldn’t have helped (Dame Dolly played by Lee Giles). The Evil Queen (Played by Jessica Wallis) is really bad and scared me, the first time she appeared it made me jump.

The real surprise of the night was near the second half of the show, when the 7 dwarf turned up. The costumes were amazing and looked exactly like the Disney dwarfs (although not exactly due to copywrite), I was excited by Aggy, Sniffy, Jolly, Literaly, Lazy, Dippy and Bossy each time they appeared and this always made me laugh

The songs on the night were really nice and included Umbrella, Two become One, Clean and Bills. Also included some classics such as the ‘Row, Row, Row your boat’ ghost scenes.

I found the night really good and I enjoyed the whole thing, even when I was told to go to the front. I was shocked when I heard that this was only performed 4 times and I’ll be nagging my daddy to take me next year

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