Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs by the Wesley Players is a huge mix of singing, dancing and acting. Queen Malevolent spends her days focusing on her looks and uses dark magic to keep herself looking youthful, but when on night her magic mirrors tells her that Snow White is now the most beautiful in the land, she seeks her revenge.

The Wesley Players can always be relied to put on a classic pantomime, with a dame, audience participation, as well as a lot of ‘Boos’ and ‘he’s behind you’s. Previous pantomimes have included Blizzard (2016), Sleeping Beauty (2015), Shipwreck Island (2014), Aladdin (2013) and Rapunzel (2012)

Our guides for the night were the friendly Handy Andy (played by Jonathan Holland) and Dame Doitall (Alan Cordell) both of who did a fantastic job, engaging and interacting with the audience, including handing out sweets and a singalong at the end of the show ,were very good at off-the-cuff remarks that often got some of the largest laughs of the night

Another person who got a lot of laughs was Rob Clay, who played the Magic Mirror, each time he appeared with grey face paint on it seemed to trigger a chuckle from the audience at the ridiculousness of his costume, and from the look on his face he agreed.

The One Character that my 4-year-old daughter was really looking forward to seeing was, of course, Snow White and she was not let down with a top performance by Natasha Blaauw, playing very much to the younger members of the audience and to all of our inner-child.

The talents of the nights ranged from all of the dwarves, to the children play animals and the court guests. One of my daughter’s favourite moments involved a Monkey (played by Alfie O’Neil) stealing a banana from the dame and Andy, giving us the classic “he’s behind you” moment. Throughout the night, we also see the many talents of The Blue Merrie Dancers who show us a wide range of dancing, including tap.

One of the biggest stars of the night was Kathryn Cordell, who played Malevolent, she was spot on with her lines and played a fantastically sinister villain and the role was also shared by Nina Blaauw, who played the older apple seller Malevolent in the second half, in a role that felt even more evil

There was a real feeling of community spirit all the way through the night, with a huge range of talent on stage and a feeling that, as an audience member, you are part of the show.

There are still two opportunities to see ‘Snow White’ and I would highly recommend taking your children to go and see it: Saturday the 28th January 2017 – 4.30pm and 8.00pm



Queen Malevolent – Kathryn Cordell / Nina Blaauw
Spirit of the Mirror – Rob Clay
Lord Chamberlain – Colin Richardson
Handy Andy – Jonathan Holland
Snow White – Natasha Blaauw
Dame Doitall – Charlii Richardson
Huntsman – Trevor Povey
Sir Nicholas – Joseph Cordell
Chief – Ken Holland
Smilie – Eleanor Holland
Dozy – Alex Heazel
Snoozy – Courtney Moita De Deus
Sniffles – Elaine Strong
Timid – Louise Richardson
Growler – John Smailes