Review of ‘Singing in the Rain’ by the Shenfield Operatic Society

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Based on the film that is considered by many to be the best musical of all time, the standards are already set high as soon as the name ‘Singing in the Rain’ is mentioned and Shenfield Operatic Society (SOS) certainly does an excellent job of meeting those standards

SOS has already demonstrated that they can put on an excellent musical when they performed Oklahoma at The Queen’s Theatre last year and ‘Singing in the Rain’ goes even further to show their amazing talents

We last saw Jamie Fudge as Curly in Oklahoma and again he does an excellent job of leading the show as Don Lockwood, the character always has a smile on his face and it is addictive, leaving you feeling warm and leaving a grin with the audience. The singing is excellent, both he and the rest of the cast really perform all the routines to a professional standard, including some amazing tap dancing. He and Kathy Selden, played by Rachel Watson, really had a connection on stage and spent most of the afternoon in each other’s arms. Rachel Watson had a wonderful voice and incredible dancing skills

Sophie Warrington stars as the vocally challenged Lina Lamont and she does a marvellous job of singing badly, but still in key, something that must be extremely difficult. One of the best scenes of the night was her song ‘What’s wrong with me?’ that got some of the biggest laughs from the audience and still makes me laugh when I think about it.

As promised in the classic song, Allister Smith does an excellent job of making us laugh, tumbling around the stage as the classic clown character Cosmo Brown. He is the perfect supporting character to Don; Allister Smith went out of his way to get the audience on his side, even interacting with the audience

The scenery was amazing, we are greeted at the beginning with a movie premier at the Graumann’s Chinese theatre, but the pièce de résistance was a street with actual rain for ‘Singing in the rain’, a wonderful scene that again showed Jamie Fudge’s singing and dancing talents as he danced in the rain.

I loved the performance and the whole night was fantastic and left me with a warm feeling and a smile on my face, again this night showed the huge talents of the Shenfield Operatic Society and I really can’t imagine how they are going to better this next time

There are still 3 more chances to see Singing in the Rain:
Fri 3rd Feb – 7.30pm – Cost £20
Sat 4th Feb – 2.30pm – Cost £18
Sat 4th Feb – 7.30pm – Cost £20

Society Box Office 07734 817418

Shenfield Operatic Society return with ‘Hot Mikado’ at Brentwood Theatre on Tuesday 6th June 2017

They will be returning to The Queen’s Theatre in 2018 with Betty Blue Eyes

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