Written by Andrew Polland, The Queen’s Theatre brings us the classic Robin Hood, adapted from the original ballads and the classic movies. I was lucky enough to attend the show with 7-year-old Lily-Anne, who agreed to give her feedback on her experience of the night:

I really liked ‘Robin Hood’ and even found it better than last year’s ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. The staging is magnificent and clearly shows the two main areas that the story is set in.

A lot of the characters are extremely funny, but my favourite character had to be Eweniss the Sheep, played by Elian West, and my favourite scene had a lot of her in it (“MORE PASTE!!!!”). I recognised Dame Nanny Fanny, played by John Barr, who played Dame Dotty Trott in ‘Jack and Beanstalk’ at The Queen’s Theatre last year. He/She was really funny, and was great appearing as the guardian of Maid Marian, played by Barbara Hockaday, who did a fantastic job of saving the day and even a dragon did not scare her.

The evil witch Morgana, played by Georgina Field, reminded me of Maleficent and when she came on there was always a storm, which made me jump. Her son, the Sheriff (Played by Lawrence Cole), was very obsessed with hula-hooping with no hula-hoop and although he had a cute teddy, he was completely evil.

A Team of young people performed the singing and dancing, some of whom I actually know, and the group did really did well, showing fantastic characters and as well as being talented in dancing, they showed a lot of talent for acting, often quite funny.

Many of the actors played instruments and sung some songs, that I’m still singing to myself, this included the classic ‘I’ll be there for you’(The Rembrandts), ‘House of Fun’ (Madness) and ‘The Boys are Back in Town’ (Thin Lizzy). My dad said that this is very familiar as lot of the actors are very talented at playing instruments and this reminded me of last year’s panto

The whole night is a lot of fun and it might be my favourite panto so far

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