Review of ‘Out of Order’ at Brentwood Theatre

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Out of order is about a government junior minister whose representation is placed at stake when his affair with a parliamentary secretary is interrupted by the couple finding a dead body in their room.

Out of Order is a story written by English playwright Ray Cooney, who also wrote ‘Run for your Wife’. Both ‘Out of Order’ and ‘Run for your wife’ follow the same formula, with the main character having to lie his way out of some outlandish scenario with the help of a sidekick.

Richard is played by the fantastic William Wells who places all of his energy into the part as well as all of his facial expressions and at the same time he reflects the impurities of the character, meaning that the audience does not feel too sorry for him despite his testing scenario. Richard calls on the ingenuity of his stunned secretary George played by Gary Ball, who does an excellent job of playing the downtrodden character who constantly looks like he doesn’t want to be there

The adulterous secretary Jane is played by Romy Brooks who does a superb job of running around the set despite being in her underwear for most of the night. I also enjoyed the waiter character played by Richard Spong who constantly popped up throughout the story and was involved in some of the larger laughs of the night.

The show features a top performing cast but sadly the story they were performing did not compliment the energetic accomplishments of the Hutton Players. It didn’t surprise me to find out that ‘Out of Order’ was actually based on an audioplay written by Ray Cooney in only 2 days for an episode of the 80s TV show ‘Challenge Anneka’, as the whole story does feel rushed due to its formulaic structure.

There were certainly some laughs along the way and I found myself leaning back laughing in my seat at least twice in the night with various giggles accomplishing it along the way and without doubt I enjoyed myself but that echo of ‘Run for your wife’ was with me throughout the play, almost like a form of Deja-vu.

But complements to the cast, they did an excellent job. I was told that there were no stage hands and therefore the cast had to take on the tasks of slamming the window and everything else involving props. I look forward to seeing what is next for the Hutton Players

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Richard – William Wells
George – Gary Ball
Ronnie – Danny Hemmings
Waiter – Richard Spong
Manager – David Lintin
Body/Detective – Justin Cartlidge
Pamela – Lindsey Crutchett
Gladys – Susie Falkner
Jane – Romy Brooks
Maid – Kathy Smith

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