Oklahoma! is the latest show from Shenfield Operatic Society (SOS), SOS is an amateur dramatics group that specialist in musical theatre, they’re based in Essex and are one of our favourite groups to visit. When you arrive at the theatre you get a warm welcome from the staff including some of the cast who soon had to run off to begin the show.


SOS have this time taken on the story of Oklahoma, a very simple story of unbeknownst love, with many different story lines that link into one story, putting their own spin on the story and songs bringing this musical slightly more into modern times.

Oklahama! is a musical I’ve never seen before, but it’s such a classic musical that is already embedded in our culture, that I found I knew a lot of the songs already and found myself singing along to them during the show.

All of the actors performed at a Broadway level with a full band that brings the wonderful musical show together this was all brought together by the actors whose work with the choreography was excellent, it looked so natural and just run smoothly. I especially enjoyed the talents of Liberty Watts (Laurey) and Jamie Fudge (Curly) who performed well as a duet and at some moments it was as if you could felt the love of the characters radiating from the stage

Scenery and props were basic, portraying the Indian Territory with well-built structure and stunning painted backdrops, the props where simple and used well displaying the acting skills. The costumes helped clearly distinct different characters. The lighting helped focus on different characters on a crowded stage and to help distinguish the mood at key moments
SOS are always looking for new member, people for performing as well as working backstage and preparing for shows. Watching the shows and talking to the actors before the show can really see everyone enjoys it and that you would made friend and have a laugh. See www.shenfieldoperaticsociety.co.uk for more details

  • Jekyll and Hyde is at Brentwood theatre to 7th to 11th June 2016
  • Singing in the Rain at the Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch in February 2017
  • Hot Mikado at Brentwood Theatre in Summer 2017

Aunt Eller – Kerry Cooke
Curly – Jamie Fudge
Laurey – Liberty Watts
Will Parker – Jack Lloyd
Ado Annie Carnes – Joanna Hunt
Jud Fry – Allister Smith
Ali Hakim – Rick McGeouch
Gertie Cummings – Sarah Nuzum
Andrew Carnes – Dave Cormack
Ike Skidmore – Rob Morley
Kate – Wendy Clark
Virginia – Diane Hills
Ellen – Nina Jarram
Vivenne – Elle Watson
Cord Elam – Peter Bernardon
Slim – Dean Mobley
Mike – Bill Jaycock
Joe – Ian Southgate
Fred – Barry Ward

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