Review of ‘Narnia’ at Brentwood Theatre

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Recently Aslan has been absent in the land of Narnia, so much so that many have come to doubt his existence, and the land has come under the wintery spell of a evil white witch. But when two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve stumble upon the land, it’s rumoured that Aslan is once again on the move. Could they be the ones to complete the prophecy and break the spell?

Brentwood Theatre has always been the place to go for alternative panto at Christmas. Last year it was ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and the year before ‘Wind in the Willows’. This year’s production of Narnia, written by Jules Tasca, really pushes the boat out for a theatre as small as The Brentwood Theatre and the whole production was absolutely amazing.

As a fan of the of Narnia books series and the 1980s BBC series, I was expecting a lot from the night and the show didn’t fail to deliver. But I couldn’t help but noticed that the musical did take liberties with the story, such as the lack of time spent in England at the beginning and the fact that Lucy’s character was a little less angelic, at one point saying that she hates Edmund, but this mattered less as the story progressed.

The show is aimed at children aged 5 and above and I took my daughter who only just lands in this age category. She found some of the scenes frightening, especially anything involving the wolf characters, but in the second half she was literally on the edge of her seat, wondering what was going to happen at the end. I asked her what she thought of the show and she said that ‘she enjoyed it despite some scary bits’.

The staging was simple, with material hanging from the ceiling to symbolising the curse of the witch and a white elevated stage layout, with a lamp post at the side. The small theatre and simple set really placed emphasis onto the actors and their characters and they were the ones who really carried the whole night. The songs all smoothly slip in and out of parts of the script and are performed to a Broadway standard.

All of the actors do a fantastic job and a special mention is needed for Emma White, who provided the enchanted dancing as The White Stag and also a hilarious performance as Mrs Beaver. Also Tom Brooks also provided a double performance as both Peter and was very funny as the butt itching Dwarf.

The whole performance was amazing and I highly recommend you go and see it before it finishes on the 30th December. The performance is a magical journey that will leave you feeling like a child again

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