Review of Love Beyond at Wembley Arena

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Love Beyond is an overview of the whole Bible, focusing on the themes of love, doubt and faith, throughout the New and Old Testament, connecting the Biblical stories with our modern day human experience.

Love Beyond at Wembley Arena

Writer and producer Richard Haley says that he had the idea for the show 15 years ago while he was watching his son perform in a choir concert. He said he “felt God drop a picture of a big, elaborate world-class production that told his love story into my mind”. With the help of co-writer and director Tabitha Webb, who previously played Christine in Phantom of the Opera, Richard’s dream of his musical appearing at Wembley has become a reality. But this has not been easy; it was rejected by most of the venues they contacted at the planning stages

Love Beyond at Wembley Arena

The show has a large talented cast. Unsurprisingly the three most notable members of the cast are Dave Willets (who has appeared in Les Miserable and Phantom of the Opera), Paul Ayres (20th Anniversary Concert tour of Rent) and Clyde Melville-Bain. These three actors take centre stage as Father, Son & Holy Spirit and each brings their separate talents to the parts. Dave Willets’ operatic past shines through, as does Clyde Melville-Bain’s history in contemporary dance.

Love Beyond at Wembley Arena

Other actors of note include Holly-Anne Lloyd as Mother Mary and J Marie Cooper as Mary Magdalene, who both gave tear jerking performances

The evening uses a wide range of effects including a blinding light show and there is an eclectic mix of musical styles, including some catchy tunes.

The show is a revelation that gets clearer as the story progresses. At first the characters, scenes and symbolism can be difficult to understand but the threads of the story, although they seem disconnected and confusing at first, are woven together at the end

The show only appeared for 2 nights at Wembley arena but Richard Haley says that that he is already began “plotting the next chess move” and take it “ultimately beyond to the venues that have turned them down the first time”, including America

Father God – Dave Willetts
Jesus – Paul Ayres
Holy Spirit – Clyde Melville-Bain
Adam – Dougie Carter
Eve – Natalie Lipin
Mary Mother – Holly-Anne Lloyd
Satan – Peri Olyfunwa
Joseph – Joe Evans
Zacchaeus – Constantine Andronikou
Saul – Kevin Jones
Mary Magdalene – J Marie Cooper

Writer & Producer – Richard Haley
Musical Director – Stuart Morley
Choreographer – Annette Aubrey-Bradshaw

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