Little Shop of Horrors showed that there is a lot of talent in Havering and these talents surfaced, as such talents often do… in the seemingly most innocent and unlikely of places.

All of the actors were fantastic singers, especially the actresses who act as a Greek chorus during the musical. Elle Gibbs, Courtney Edgell and Jemma Gardener did a fantastic job of providing backing during the songs while also acting the part of three dropout school girls. Central to the performance was John Rogers, who played Seymour and I can see why they chose John to play the leading role, he worked well with all of the other character and was good at talking, and even singing, in the nasally tones of Seymour.


Billy Fluck did a good job of playing the older character of Mushnik and I enjoyed his duet with John in ‘Mushnik and Son’. Audrey was played by Leila Jessal and although her singing was a little quiet at some points, she generally did a good job and one of the best songs of the night was definitely her duet with John in ‘Suddenly Seymour’


The night was definitely a catalogue of the many talents of Bradley Walsh who not only plays the bad boy boyfriend Orin, but also plays a homeless man, several press men and a whole array of other characters. Although he doesn’t look much like a bad boy dentist, he was a fantastic actor; throwing himself into every character and he looked hilarious in high heels and a wig.

I was worried that after seeing the movie that the Audrey II plant would not live up to my expectations, but I’m glad to say that this was not the case. Students at the Havering Sixth Form College had obviously placed a lot of work into the props and sets, with the Audrey II plant getting larger and more unusual as the story progressed. The Puppeteers did a fantastic job of controlling the plant and moving the plant as it was voiced by Rebekah Kerley.


All of the actors were accompanied by a live band made up of students from the college

I am glad that I got a chance to see this production by Havering Sixth Form College Performing Arts, it was a fantastic chance to see a Broadway musical in Havering. I look forward to seeing more from the college in the future.

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Chiffon Jemma Gardener
Crystal Elle Gibbs
Ronnette Courtney Edgell
Seymour John Rogers
Audrey Leila Jessal
Mushnik Billy Fluck
Orin, etal Bradley Walsh
Voice of Audrey II Rebekah Kerley
Puppeteers Danny Goggin, Aimee Park, Hayden Byrne
Vocals Priya Lal, Kimberley Stirk, Amanda Ward
Reed 1 (Flute / Alto Sax) Jennifer Eager / Chris Donnelly
Reed 2 (Clarinet/Bass Clarinet) Mitchell Perry
Trumpet 1 Tom Huttlestone
Trumpet 2 Keith Oak
Guitar Harry Bulgar / Anthony Rumsey
Bass Guitar Ewan Whannell
Drums / Percussion Daniel Way / Emily Bavan
Keyboard 2 Ewan Roycroft
Keyboard 1 Chris Hatton
Direction John Rogers, Jemma Gardener, Chris Williamson
Choreography Leila Jassal, Elle Gibbs, Lisa Rogers
Costume & Props Bradley Walsh, Courtney Edgell
Musical Director Jonathan Venner, Chris Donnelly
Stage Manager Billy Fluck
Set Design / Construction Lucy Cattano, Elizabeth Neale, Laura Oakes


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