Review of Lend me a Tenor at The Queen’s Theatre

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Some of our favourite actors from the ‘Cut to the chase’ cast return in this fast paced comedy about an amateur singer who gets his big chance when the world’s greatest tenor Signor Tito Merelli – Il Stupendo is incapacitated.

‘Lend me a Tenor’ is a classic farce written by Ken Ludwig. The play is set in 1934, in a hotel suite in Cleverland Ohio. The staging is split into 2 rooms, allowing the audience to see both rooms at once while it’s assumed that the characters are unable to. This leads to some comic scenes where the main action is taking part in one half of the stage but random events take place on the other half


Greg Last returns to the theatre as Max the assistant who’s loves to listen to and sing opera. Greg has already shown his talents in singing as Blues singer Buddy Toupee in Gunmetal Blues and in Lend Me a Tenor he further shows his talents in singing as he takes on opera. Greg’s singing is only second to Fred Broom, who plays Tito Merelli, who has a truly operatic singing voice and you can see why he was brought in for the part.

Steve Simmonds provided a lot of laughter as The Bellhop as he snorted around the stage with a nasal voice. It was great to see Sean Needham back after he played the down on his luck private eye in Gunmetal Blues, he plays an outrageous manager who expects above and beyond from his employees. They along with Sarah Scowen and Christie Holman are in some of the funniest scenes, with one of the best being the chase scene.

The show is selling out fast and I would suggest you get go and see this example of The Queen’s Theatre’s comic genius

Max – Greg Last
Saunders  – Sean Needham
Maggie  – Sarah Scowen
Julia – Georgina Field
Maria Merelli  – Sarah Mahony
Tito Merelli – Fred Broom
The Bellhop – Steve Simmonds
Diana  – Christine Holman

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