Keep the Fire Burning takes war songs, show tunes, love songs, comedy songs and comic sketches all themed around the war and puts them all together in one night of memories and celebration of the 70 year anniversary of the end of WWII. The variety of all the night tests the talents of all members of Lennox productions to the max, with large musical numbers and tap dancing amongst the skills exhibited.

Home Fires Burning Poster

‘Keep the Fire Burning’ is a review show devised by David Macklin, telling the stories of towns and families from Europe and America during the Second World War. The night is one of enjoyment and audience participation, as you walk into the theatre you are handed a union jack and throughout the show you are encouraged to join in, whether by singing along to the well known show tunes or by waving your flag in national pride.

With war songs and show tunes ‘Keep the Home Fires Burning’ has something for everyone. The young will find enjoyment from the comedy and recognisable tunes while it will bring back memories for those who are old enough to remember the war.

There was a large cast, lot of sections and it would be difficult to mention everything; There was a very large age range and having the children involved really showed how the war affected everyone in soo many different ways, There was also a nice mix of both individual and group sketches, There were many changes of costumes all of which were careful chosen and you can see the hard work put in by those behind the scenes, The band showed there skills with a large variation of music and some of my favourite parts of the night included their renditions of ‘There’s a hole in my bucket’ and ‘We’ll meet again’.

‘Keep the Fire Burning’ is another example of the large skills of Amateur Dramatics in and around Havering and I’m looking forward to seeing what Lennox productions comes up with next. I highly recommend you go and see it before it closes on Saturday 16th May

Adult Cast
Rachel Barton, Ray Bocking, Claire Bull, David Cormack, Ella Dixon, Gemma Fitzmaurice, Vincent Fitzmaurice, James Foale, Richard Foster, Lee Giles, Oliver Haise, Jan Hartley, Hannah Hayes, Gill Horne, Lindsey Horne, Michael Johnson, John Little, Jane Lloyd, Patricia McLean, Laura Mugford, Claire Nichols, Diane Perrett, Paul Roberts, Theresa Rubin, Gerry Sherlock, Mavis Sherlock, Nicola Thorpe, Rachel Watson

Children’s Cast
Darcy Brown, Mia Brown, Katie Darby, Sophie Anne Darby, Francesca Fitzmaurice, Harriet Fitzmaurice, Phoebe Gray, Jena Webb, Isabelle Mugford, Jessica Mugford

Back Stage
Jo Brown, Kelly Davison-Lacey, Lee Pierson, Kate Smith, Amanda Thurlow, Carol White, Michael White

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