Review of ‘Hot Stuff’ at The Queen’s Theatre

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The night is about the young man, Joe Soap who dreams of becoming a rock star and this is brought to life when he meets a strange lady called Lucy Fur who says that she can make all his dreams come true in return for his eternal commitment.

The musical was written by Paul Kerryson and Maggie Norris as a tribute to the music of the 70s, although the story is often not well written and the night frequently felt like a playlist of songs linked together by a few short narratives, the key part of the night was the magnificent return to their musical routes of The Queen’s Theatre’s Cut to the Chase Cast who covered multiple artists from the 70s including The Rolling Stones, Donna Summers, Tina Turner and Michael Jackson.

Jacob Richmond-Caines, Lady Felicia, Wade Lewin (Hot Stuff, Queen's Theatre Hornchurch 2015, photo by Mark Sepple)

The night is our introduction to Lady Felicia, born Felicity Cecelia Foldleplum-Nodules-Hoarse, who plays Lucy Fur. Introduced to the theatre by her distant cousin, Fred Broom (who we last saw performing as Frederick Treves in The Elephant Man), Felicia brings a lot of comedy to the night and helped to steer it away from being a simple concert into more of an adult Panto, often leaving the audience in tears of laughter with her, sometimes crude, jokes, performances and wild costume changes.

Valentina Dolci, Sarah Mahony, Gabriela García (Hot Stuff Queen's Theatre) by Mark Sepple

Joe Soap is played by Matthew Quinn and he sings a wide variety of songs, ranging from country western to punk, using his skills at playing electric guitar right through the night. We last saw Sarah Mahony, who plays Julie, Joe’s partner, in ‘Boeing! Boeing!’, where she played one of the 3 stewards and this show showed what a wide range of skills in acting; singing; dancing; saxophone and keyboard she has.

Gabriela García, Wade Lewin, Sarah Mahony, Jacob Richmond-Caines, Valentina Dolci (Hot Stuff Queen's Theatre) by Mark Sepple

Cameron Jones plays a large part in the show, not only is he the main narrator, but he takes part in most of the dancing acts alongside Wade Lewin; Gabriela Garcia, Hollie Cassar & Jacob Richmond-Caines and all of the dancing was stunning. Wade Lewin was especially stunning, his dancing so spectacular that I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on next year’s Britain’s Got Talent.

The staging was magnificent, with a large curtain that closed from the top and sides, meaning that the focus was placed on the center of the stage each time it opened and closed. Each side of the stage there was a set of stairs that lit up and various additional props that expanded out of the side of the stage during the night, including the telephone to hell. It’s almost worth going to see the show just to see the amount of effort that has gone into the staging. The costumes were even more impressive with what felt like costume changes every 5 minutes and big variety between each outfit.

This was a fantastic finish to this season of cut to the chase and I felt that although there was limited story line, this was used to an advantage by focusing on the actors and actress’s singing, dancing and comic timings. Leaving me smiling throughout the whole night

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Lady Felicia – Lucy Fur
Matthew Quinn – Joe
Sarah Mahony – Julie
Hollie Cassar – Miss Hot Stuff
Cameron Jones – Narrator
Gregory Clarke – Ensemble
Valentina Dolci – Ensemble
Gabriela Garcia – Ensemble
Adam Langstaff – Ensemble
Wade Lewin – Ensemble
Jacob Richmond – Ensemble
Al Twist – Ensemble

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