Haunting Julia is a psychological thriller, with all three characters being haunting both supernaturally and in their memories.

With over 80 stage productions, writer Alan Ayckbourn is known for a wide variety of shows. Haunting Julia incorporates both the spooky and comic sides we have previously seen in his writings, leading to a play that will have you laughing while also leaving you guessing exactly what on earth is going on.

The actors perform faultlessly throughout the night, I especially enjoyed Clive Llewellyn as Ken Chase, a generally unassuming man who offers his service as a psychic to Joe. He played the role with in a very comic fashion, often staring towards the audience and speaking in the style of Mystic Meg.

It’s left to the audience throughout most of the play to decide if there is really some kind of paranormal goings on or if all of this is part of some kind of large prank. Sometimes the play can lose its way and is unable to decide if it’s a comedy or a thriller. But even though the story left me confused at parts and I wasn’t at all anxious in the night, there wasn’t a single joke that didn’t make me laugh.

The set is simple, with a bedroom on the right hand side and only 1 exit in the corridor on the left. Oddly for a Queen’s Theatre production there is no curtain, leaving the stage open to the audience through the whole night.

Overall I enjoyed the night, it wasn’t the frightening night I was expecting but did leave me with a lot to think about

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