You will have to be switched on for this fast-paced play about social media and how a global system of interconnected computer networks called The Internet has left us more disconnected then ever.

The play is split into two parts and explores the same event from the viewpoint of Jamie, played by Greg Snowden, and Tyrese, played by Josh Okusanya. Jamie is a “Hipster” facing a make or break time in his life due to the opening night of his new gastro pub and Tyrese is a young resident from a local council estate in Hackney. Their two lives cross when they are stuck together in the same lift and discover that they have a lot in common, including their obsession with social media.

Vocalists Barbara Diana, Lola May and Jennie Jacobs, provide a cappella backing music and also play the part of social media. They often reflect yet another perspective of the characters by showing how people online can easily flip-flop between approval and condemnation, as well as say anything for a ‘like’ on social media but nothing to the person opposite them on the train.

The story and diction is fast paced and some audience members may be distracted by the use of street slang in places.

The drama tackled some interesting subjects with a good dose of self-irony while also providing a few laughs on the journey. While many themes were touched upon, including gentrification and the fragility of the modern family, the underlining message of #Haters is the importance of viewing a situation from another person’s points of view. This is certainly a reminder we need in this day and age.

#Haters was performed by The Odd Eyes Theatre at The Queen’s Theatre as part of their tour, they are also performing in the following locations:

19 & 20 February 7.30 pm
£12 / £8 concession
Post-performance Q&A on 19 & 20 February
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22 February 8.00 pm
£10 / £7.50 concession
Tickets and venue details

23 February 6.00 pm
£6 / £4 concession
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Venues: Bookings are open for Autumn 2017
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