Written by Scott Wentworth, ‘Gunmetal Blues’ performance at The Queens Theatre marks its European Début and is the first production in the winter season of ‘Cut to the Chase’.

Sarah Scowen, Sean Needham (Gunmetal Blues, Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch, 2014)

Sean Needham returns from last season at The Queen’s, after appearing in Godspell, ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘Two and Two makes Sex’. This time He’s using his talent in singing and acting to portray the down-on-his-luck private eye Sam Galahad and throughout he narrates the show in the style that is synonymous with ‘Film Noir’. But it wasn’t until the second half that Sean showed off his real singing talents in a heart wrenching tribute to his lost love

The Blond Laura Vesper, played by Sarah Scowen, goes missing at the beginning of the show but she is never far away as Sam is hot on her heels. During the night Sarah is kept busy as she also plays the characters of Carol Indigo and the mysterious Princess.

Simmonds, Simon Jessop, Greg Last, Sarah Scowen (Gunmetal Blues, Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch, 2014)

Simon Jessop appears as various characters, including a hilarious imitation of The Godfather, while also playing the drums throughout the show

Greg Last plays Buddy Toupee, the piano player with an overly sunny disposition, but this temperament slowly disappears throughout the night as the mask peels away. Although I found the character of Buddy annoying at some points, this was often followed by laughter and I found myself enjoying his japes more as the night progressed

The show is a musical but I sometimes found that the singing was a distraction from the storyline and underlying comedy. It was slow to start but it improved as it went along and had the audience on the edge of our seats by the end of the show.

It’s usual for actors to play different characters, but this was slightly confusing at the end and I’m still not 100% sure of the story’s conclusion.

The acting, staging and effects where to the high standard that we come to love from the Queen theatre and would recommend this show as something new and different from previous productions produced by the theatre

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Sean Needham – The Private eye
Sarah Scowen – The Blonde
Greg Last – The Piano player
Simon Jessop – Ensemble
Steve Simmons – Ensemble

Bob Carlton – Director
Norman Coates – Designer
Alison Gainford – Lighting Director
Rick Clarke – Sound designer