Ding Dong is a play written by Marc Camoletti, the same writer who brought us the classic farce Boeing-Boeing, recently performed at The Queen’s Theatre. The show is about a husband who finds out that his wife is cheating on him and decides the perfect revenge will be for him to sleep with his wife’s lover’s wife


The set was fantastic, with a staircase that was used by actors throughout and 2 functioning servant bells. There was a wonderful view of Paris outside the set’s window and all of this had been created by David Cordell, Nigel Jeavons, Vicky Stowe and other members of The Wesley Players.


The night was another perfect example of the talents possessed by various members of the Wesley Players with the amazing talent of Hilary Andrews, who we enjoyed her in The Wesley Players Panto as Maud and she certainly does not disappoint as the clueless housemaid Marie Louise. Kathryn Cordell gave the best performance of the night as the cheating wife (Jacqueline), using her ability to express a wide range of emotions.


Our favourite character of the night was Jacqueline’s lover Robert, played by Peter Mason, who did a fantastic job of playing the nervous and insecure character.


One slight blot on the night was the performance in the first half of the actor playing the main husband character of Barnard, there was multiple prompting as he forgot his lines and it came to a complete standstill at one point. But we do understand that it was the first night and in the second half his acting improved and there was only 1 more instance of prompting.

Overall we loved the night and found both us and the audience were laughing a lot at the jokes and the performance throughout the night

Bernard – Jim Sawer
Jacqueline – Kathryn Cordell
Marie Louise – Hilary Andrews
Robert – Peter Mason
Barbara – Michelle Gouldie
Juliette – Di Owen