Review of ‘Big’ at Brookside Theatre

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12 year old Josh is fed-up with bring treated as a child , but he’s not quite expecting his wish to be granted when he asks a Zoltar machine to make him Big.


Based on the 1988 film written by Gary Ross and Anne Spielberg, Big is the latest production from the team at the Brookside Theatre in Romford. With Music by David Shire and Lyrics by Richard Maltby Jr.

Big is a production that really took me back to my childhood in the 80s, with toys and the thought that you could take the whole world on by yourself. It does a fantastic job of portraying the events from the original film and will have you running home afterwards to watch it again

Jai Sepple was the star of the night as the older Josh Baskin, during the night you could really see his inner child appear, this was helped by his amazing and hilarious facial expressions and that he was not afraid to jump around the stage, singing and dancing. As with Jai’s previous performances you can really see he enjoys the whole experience and puts his heart and soul into the whole thing. 

There was some remarkable acting from all of the younger actors, I was especially impressed with Alex Robinson, who plays Billy (Jose’s friend), he’s acting harmonised well with both of the actors who played Josh.  Charlie Borg (Josh Baskin – aged 12) also showed a wide range of talents including dance and singing, this is certainly another childhood star we should be keeping are eyes.

Tony Longhurst did an excellent job of playing the toy company owner Macmillan, he’s appearance, voice and acting really reminded me of Robert Loggia, who plays Macmillan in the movie, but he might want to practice his floor keyboard skills if he wants to match those of Robert Loggia (who famously did the scene in one’s take) although it was funny to watch.

All of the actors did an fantastic job on the night, often playing a wide range of roles, while also helping to move props and sets. There really was a huge range of talents displayed on the night, this is especially remarkable since Brookside Theatre is a voluntary organisation and this was an amateur production

Overall I enjoyed the night and the only slight problem I found was with some of the music being too loud meaning I was unable to hear the actors singing in parts, but the whole night was an evening of laughter and amazing talent from the actors and I’m looking forward to seeing what they are going to come up with next in their upcoming production of The Rise and Fall of Little Voice (Wed 17 – Sat 20 Aug 2016)

Josh Baskin – Jai Sepple
Susan Lawrence – Lexi Jackson
Josh Baskin (aged 12) – Charlie Borg
Billy – Alex Robinson
Macmillan – Tony Longhurst
Mrs Baskin – Harri Sepple
Paul – Adam Morgan
Miss Watson – Adi Loya
Birnbaum – Terry Perkins
Lipton – Tyrone Heywood
Barrett – Lewis Sharp
Nick – Adam Morgan
Tom – Lewis Sharp
Diane – Olivia McGuinness
Abigail – Elly Lowney

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