Written by playwright Martin McDonagh, the pitch-black comedy thriller, “Beauty Queen of Leeane” is part of a Irish based trilogy and is brought to The Queen’s Theatre with the partnership of The Hull Truck Theatre.

The Beauty Queen of Leeane tells us the story of a mother in her 70s and daughter in her 40s who live together, their only visitors are; Ray (Played by Laurence Pybus) is a messenger for brother Pato (Played by Nicholas Boulton) who is returning from his work in England.

Walking into the theatre immediate I’m impacted by the scenery, the brick background with a very basic cooker, table and chairs, they leave me staring, and at this point I’m not aware of how important these are to the storyline.

The play starts and there’s a large bang as the music begins, in darkness you just about see the actors walk onto the stage and even now you’re left wondering what the characters are like

Mag (Played by Maggie McCarthy), left me disgusted by her continuous nit picking comments directed towards Maureen (Played by Siobhan O’Kelly). The actresses do a fantastic job of somehow leaving the audience laughing at the characters but also appalled at their relationship.

Pato is the most sympathetic character and, while the audience is unsure if he wants to be Maureen’s partner or just his girl on the side, he provides the reasonableness and emotional stability that is lacking in Mag’s and Maureen’s home.

The play begins as a twisted comedy but leaves the audience open mouthed with a shockingly evil turn. It was definitely a roller coaster of a night and this definitely left me wanting more