Aladdin has always been a difficult play, with the book, Disney animated movie and the musical, we’ve certainly got a lot to compare it to, we even have the upcoming 2019 film staring Will Smith as the genie.

But The Blue Tees show that Aladdin still makes a good pantomime with all of the pantomime clichés, including “He’s behind you”, “Oh No he didn’t!”, water spraying and much much more. Both my daughter and I joined in with the shoutouts and my daughter was happy to head to the stage when the children were called up, something a larger theatre could never do.

The best bit of the performance has to be the singing and dancing scenes, it really shows that The Blue Tees has a lot of upcoming talent and I was taken away by the flair of the dance groups. I especially enjoyed the magic carpet ride scene where lights were used to symbolise passing cities and towns, dispite the darkness the talent of the dancers could be seen in the small flickers of the light.

The singing was fantastic, my favourite actor of the night had to be genie funnyman Ryan Havis who showed a large talent for both singing and dancing with both Jasmine & Aladdin actresses Marie Salmon and Jessica Wallis following close behind. Although it took a while for her to grow on me I also enjoyed Dame Lee Giles who had really grown into the role by the end of the show.

I certainly saw a lot of talent and I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for performances by The Blue Tees at MyPlace in the future

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