When my daddy told me that we going to see Aladdin at The Queen’s Theatre, I was very excited. At 3½ years old I have not had much chance to go to the theatre to see the yearly panto but I’d been told that The Queen’s Theatre is the best panto around

Aladdin (Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch)

This year it was based on one of my favorite stories and Disney movies, Aladdin , and so I was to be a harsh judge.

When I first entered the theatre I was a little scared by the big Chinese dragon as it moved towards me, but my daddy took my hand and told me that it would not hurt me and after that I enjoyed watching it wiggle and weave amongst the gathering crowds and I laughed as it bumped its head into random objects or (a few times) into people.

As we entered the theatre I got excited as I recognized the name ‘Aladdin’ up on the stage and was excited as the curtains opened to the singing and dancing of some boys and girls not much older than me. We met ‘Wishee Washee’ (played by Matthew Quinn) who was a lot of fun and I enjoyed shouting the responses to each of his phrases, each time he came back on stage

There was lot of magic on the night and my favorite part of the night was when Aladdin (played by Naomi Bullock) went on a magical carpet ride with his mother and brother, the whole scene had me in awe as Aladdin flew over the stage with nothing but a carpet beneath his feet.

Jasmin (played by Rachel Nottingham) has always been one of my favorite princesses and she was a lot of fun on stage. I enjoyed her and Aladdin’s beautiful singing and they often sought help from the audience when it came to simple decisions such as whether to enter the cave.

Abanazar (Sam Pay) was a nasty man, who was also very ugly, and I would often boo when he came on stage, we all enjoyed him being shrunk at the end, although someone better talk to him about his obsession with lamps

Widow Twankey (played by Fred Broom) was a very weird person and said a lot of things I did not understand but all of the grownups either giggled or groaned.  The play certainly had jokes for both us big girls and the parents

All of the scenes were fantastic and had me staring at them throughout the night, I enjoyed the palace, both in China and in Tibet and all of the other places were beautiful.

This is the first of what I hope will be many visits for the Christmas panto at The Queen’s Theatre and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wanted to take their children both big and small .

Willow Twankey Fred Broom
Aladdin Naomi Bulock
Emperor of all China Callum Hughes
Princess Jasmine
Slave of the ring
Rachel Nottingham
Abanazar Sam Pay
Wishee Washee Matthew Quinn
Vizier/Genie Thomas Sutcliffe
The Yeti Rhyan Eldon-Davis
Joe Watch
Band Dan de Cruz
Al Twist
Sarah Workman
Director Matt Devitt
Written By Nicholas Pegg