Lee Mead – My Story

Currently touring around the UK, ‘Lee Mead – My Story’ is the story of a young wanna be actor finally got his chance when he was selected from thousands of performers to become the play the iconic role of “Joseph” in the West End, an incredible run that has lead to much, much more including further West End productions, a starring role in both Casualty and Holby City and the release of five albums.

The show is a simple one that will certainly appeal to all Lee Mead fans, the staging is simple with the famous Joseph coat as the most notable object, alongside two chairs and a keyboard. He is interviewed during the show in a conversation, which I’m sure was rehearsed many times but the whole performance does not feel rehearsed and just feels like a friendly chat.

Throughout the show Lee sings various songs from his previous performances, in a section that will appeal to all musical fans, including those that may not have followed Lee’s career. All the songs feel aimed at the audience and we all found ourselves joining in, especially during the Joseph performances

Lee Mead has always been a extremely open and friendly person and this comes across all the way throughout the show. You get the feeling that this night is for the fans and no other reason, indeed if you paid extra for the meet and greet section you got a chance to meet Lee before the show, a signed photo, a personal item signed, a selfie opportunity and a question answered during the show, you also got the best seats in the house

Even though I have not followed Lee’s career, I enjoyed him singing some of my favourite musical songs, laughed at his jokes and felt genuine emotions as he told us of his life growing up, a life we could all learn something from