The story of the ugly duckling is one that I thought I knew, but that was until I saw Honk! at The Queen’s Theatre. This amateur production has a large amount of talent, including dancing, acting and comedy and will leave you wanting more from the group

Honk! is the latest production from ‘Lennox Productions’ in aid of The Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund and although it is based on The Ugly Duckling the story is unique, surprising and it left the audience guessing what is going to happen next. It has lots of different scenes, as the duckling explorers the world, and each of these scenes have one or more songs, all of which will remain stuck in your head as you travel home.

Honk has a large cast and we were unable to include a description of all the characters/actors here, but here are some of the more noteworthy

·         The cast is led by Ugly duckling Lee Giles who does an excellent job of portraying the rejected and loveable character of Ugly and he is excellent at portraying the emotions of curiosity and feelings of rejection experienced by his character.

·         The character of the Cat is taken on by James Foale, he is portrayed as a Frank Nelson style of character and provides a lot of laughs for both children and adults throughout the show.

·         Liz Gibson plays the mother duck Ida and along with Father Duck Drake (played by Richard Foster) , they portray cockney type of family while showing the love of a mother throughout.

·         Allen Clark is magnificent as Graylag the military goose

Although we’ve only listed a few, the whole cast worked well together and this was most noticeable in the scenes that included song and dance. We were partially impressed by the fish scene that included three very talented ballet dancers and the Goose scene where the characters not only danced but used their actions to a large comic effect. The night also included some talented children, the youngest of which must have been around 4, and they showed some amazing skills and I expect to hear more from them in the future. The whole production was also accompanied by a live band that performed brilliantly and helped with the whole atmosphere of the piece

The night was very enjoyable and we are looking forward to seeing more from Lennox Productions in the future

Honk is being preformed at the Queen’s Theatre on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th May.

  • Ida – Liz Gibson
  • Cat  – James Foale
  • Maureen – Gemma Fitzmaurice
  • Bullfrog/Jack Daw – Barnie Paveley
  • Greylag/Turkey – Allen Clark
  • Queenie – Rachel Watson
  • Lowbutt – Diane Perrett
  • Dot – Claire Nichols
  • Penny – Coral Ironside
  • Grace – Jan Hartley
  • Ugly – Lee Giles
  • Drake – Richard Foster
  • Henrietta – Gill Horne
  • Downy – Emma Nichols
  • Fluff – Phoebe Gray
  • Billy – Jonathan Danaher
  • Becky – Callum Ruby
  • Mother Swan – Laura Mugford
  • Father Swan – Vincent Fizmaurice


Isabelle Mugford, Jessica Mugford, Katie Darby, Sophie Anne Darby, Mia Brown, Jena Webb


Lauren Condon, Coral, Ironside, Rachel Watson, Claire Bull, Ella Dixon, Lindsey Horne, Hannah Hayes, Claire Nichols, Laura Mugford

Goose Squadron

Gerry Sherlock, Mark Watson, Chris Andrews, John Little, Vincent Fitzmaurice, Barry Koten, Bernie Paveley, Diane Perrett, Jane Lloyd, Mavis Sherlock, Patricia McLean, Theresa Rubin


Jane Lloyd, Patricia McLean, Theresa Rubin, Val Taylor, Mavis Sherlock. Lauren Condon. Clare Bull, Ella Dixon, Lindsey Horne, Hanna Hayes, Claire Nichols, Laura Mugford, Martin Hart, Chris Andrews, John Little, Vincent Fitzmaurice, Mark Watson, Gerry Sherlock, Barry Koten, Oliver Haise


  • MD/Conductor – Natalie Thurlow
  • Piano – Rachael Pluckett
  • Double Bass/Electric Bass – Bob Veale
  • Cello – Becky Cox
  • Flute/Piccolo/Alto Sax – Rob Downing
  • Clarinet/Base Clarinet/Baritone Sax – Tracey Bridgman
  • Horn – Sandra Pattendon
  • Trumpet – Daryl Barber
  • Acoustic/Electric Guitar – Pete Bray
  • Percussion – Phil Stevenson

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