Written by acclaimed playwright John Godber, Bouncers follows the four bouncers Judd (Barry Hester), Ralph (Paul Ewan), Les (Jai Sepple) and Lucky Eric (Kevin Richards) as they prepare for another night guarding the club in the cold

The Brookside theatre is a community theatre project and this makes this night an even larger achievement as the night stretches the actor’s acting skills to the max, with the Four Bouncers playing over 20 different characters. I laughed as the actors portrayed roles that included larger than life girls and lads out on the pull. You might think it would be easy to get lost as the actors change between roles in the middle of scenes, but it is expertly done as they take on the personas of these roles, throughout making it clear who the actors are supposed to be.

Paul Ewan plays doorman Ralph, but the opening scene introduces him to us as one of the girls getting her hair done

Barry Hester plays the energetic but slightly dumb bouncer Judd who thinks he’s smart and likes to try to wind up his colleges, especially Eric.

Jai Sepple portrays the fight loving Les as well as playing one of the lads and girls.

Kevin Richards is the world weary Lucky Eric who throughout the night performs several montages that illustrate some of the less positive aspects about the world that he is paid to guard and Kevin preforms these magnificently, dragging you into the scene and reflecting the emotions that go along with this downtrodden job, all of this is brilliantly played in contrast to the comedy aspects of the rest of the show.

After seeing Bouncers at both the Queen’s Theatre and Brookside Theatre, I feel the show benefited from the intimacy that the smaller venue of the Brookside Theatre provided. Scenery is simple with 4 beer barrels and a projected neon sign at the back of the stage, but these are expertly used all the way through the show none of the stage is left unused.

This was a good evening and it made me excited to see future performances at The Brookside Theatre

Lighting Design: Harri Sepple

Production Projection Graphics / Design: Jai Sepple

Technical Manager: Lee Pierson