Milly and the Minotaur is about to start on tour of schools in the local area and at the queens theatre during Easter holiday. The show is about a 9 year old who is very poor and spends months in hospital, she is going through this illness at the same time that her mother is due to give birth to twins. Milly is feeling very lonely, left out and unsure of her future. Her funny Gran, who is the ‘best Gran in the world’ tell her the story of the Minotaur and that night the Minotaur comes to visits and becomes her best friend thought this hard time.

I found this show very moving; the language is very clear and easy to understand with the same phases used throughout. The actor’s movement were all very much exaggerated, helping to get the point across and down to the children’s level, but as with a lot of children’s entertainment at The Queen’s Theatre, there was also comedy for the parents in there as well. The whole time the story was clear and even though the actors played multiple characters, you could tell by the mannerisms who there where

Throughout the show the actors spoke directly to the audience, helping spark our imagination right through and making us think and feel for what was happening to the characters, sharing the different emotions felt by the these characters

The stages was simple but cleverly used and music help set the different moods. All the way through the same props where used to represent different items, for example the fruit bowl was used a hat at times and the bed was used to as a quite space when Milly was poorly but also to jump on and stand on to emphasize the happier times

Overall this show has encouraged my imagination and stirred up thoughts and emotions. I can see the audience having many conversations as they leave the theatre, helping family talk about subjects which can be difficult to talk about at times

Milly and the Minotaur is appearing at The Queen’s Theatre between Tues 15th – Thurs 17th April, it is also touring many Havering schools over the next few weeks

  • Gran / Nurse – Gilian Cally
  • Minotaur / Doctor – Kenny Davies
  • Consultant / Theseus – Samuel Ward-Smith
  • Milly – Kerry Gooderson
  • Director – Patrick O’Sullivan
  • Musical Director / Composer – Andrew Linham
  • Designer – Rodney Ford
  • Choreographer – Matt Dunphy

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