Two and Two makes Sex was written by Richard Harris and Leslie Darbon and first seen in the West End in 1973. George is having a midlife crisis, finding comfort in the bed of a younger woman (Jane).  Suspicious of his business trips away and long jogs to get fit, his wife Clare starts to notice that something is up. To make things even more complicated, Jane’s jealous boyfriend Nick tries to put an end to the affair by approaching Clare, pretending to be George’s Psychiatrist

Last seen in ‘Our man in Havana’, Sean Needham returns as midlife breakdown victim George. We have already seen Sean’s physical comedy skills when he played Wormold in the last Cut to the Chase production and in ‘Two and Two makes Sex’ Sean also provides most of the comedy though his antics.

George’s wife, Clare is played by Claire Storey, who we last saw at the Queen’s theatre in 2011 in the Rocky Horror show, the innocent Jane is played by Ellie Rose Boswell who is not shy of wearing very little clothing throughout most of the performance. The Mickey Mouse t-shirt wearing Nick is played by Callum Hughes. Georgina Field appears at the worldly wise Ruth who is Clare’s friend and Simon Jessop appears near the end as Jane’s father

In the world of theatre, there are comedies that make you think and those that hope to suspend disbelief by making you laugh so hard that the holes in the plot pass unnoticed. I would say that ‘Two and Two makes Sex’ is in the second category of these comedies; normally you would never believe that a middle age man like George would end up with a girl like Jane or that Clare would really consider Nick a physiologist.  So for entertainment value, and distraction from reality, this production is a complete success.

This is the second of 4 shows in this season of at the Queen’s Theatre and I look forward to the next performance of the ‘Cut to the Chase’ cast in ‘The Great Gatsby’ starting on the 11th April.