Our man in Havana is a comedy about a vacuum cleaner Salesman called Wormold, who is unexpectedly hired as a spy by the secret service. But who will Wormold recruit as sub-agents?

The best word to describe the night would be minimalist. With very simple staging it really throws the focus onto the actors. And except for Sean Needham, each of the actors plays multiple characters, shining in this minimalist environment and completely captivating the audience throughout the show.

The only actor who appears in ‘Our Man in Havana’ and did not appear in the Queen’s Theatre Christmas Panto ‘Dick Whittington’ is Sean Needham and we last saw him in ‘Run for your wife’. Sean plays Wormold, the secret services latest spy.

Last time we saw Sam Kordbacheh at the Queen’s Theatre he appeared as Dick Whittington’s cat. But in this latest production Sam shows he has a lot more range than animals, as he plays various characters including Captain Segura, a military strongman who is in love with Wormold’s daughter

Queens Theatre regular Sam Pay plays Carter, a friend of Wormold, and I have to say it’s an enthralling performance and his enactment was key in pulling me into the story. Sam plays multiple parts throughout the night and has the chance to show his full range, including a surprising role for him half way through the second half which was the funniest moment of the night.

Alison Thea-Skot was asked back after her excellent performance as Dick Whittington in the recent panto. She has not had many appearances at The Queen’s Theatre and most of her appearances have been in Pantomimes, but we were very pleased to see her back and enjoyed her as Wormold’s daughter (Beatrice) and various other characters all the way through the night

Even though it was a comedy, it was a show you had to concentrate on throughout. There were many different twists and subplots that could leave you feeling a bit confused at the time but by the end of the night they all link together and this was very clearly and cleverly done.

This is the first of 4 shows in this season of at the Queen’s Theatre and I look forward to the next performance of the ‘Cut to the Chase’ cast in ‘Two and Two makes Sex’ starting on the 7th March.