The Queen’s theatre are famous for there pantos and put a lot of work into them year after year. This year’s panto is Dick Whittington, the story of a poor orphan boy who heads to London to seek his fortune
While in London he meets a local collector of rare artefacts, Alderman Fitzwarren, who hires him for a seaward adventure.

Alison Thea-Skot returns to the Queen’s Theatre as Dick Whittington, we previously meet Alison in Peter Pan where she played Mrs Darling. Alison certainly excels in the role, with a smile constantly on her face and a general aura of joy throughout. Dick is accompanied all through the show by his faithful and champion rat catching cat Tommy, who is played by the talented Sam Kordbacheh. After seeing Sam’s amazing cat impersonation I can understand why they invited him back to the role he previously embodied at the Queen’s Theatre in 2008, he preforms amazing acrobatic feats throughout the show and manages to be funny despite not saying a single word.

Goodness is represented by Laura Brown who plays Fairy Bow Bells and she preforms well alongside Samuel Ward-Smith who plays the rodent ruler with the crazy hair, amply named King Rat. But the main commentator of the night is the narcoleptic Idle Jack, played by Elliot Harper, who provides a lot of the child like jokes for the night as well as Alderman Fitzwarren (Sam Pay). Simon Jessop once again plays the Dame, Sarah the Cook, and provides enough tongue in cheek and improvised comedy throughout to keep you laughing all the way home.

The staging is amazing and has to be seen to be believed, the theatre have obviously put a lot of work into this year’s scenery. They are both beautiful and practical, with sections breaking off or moving at times and a surprising suitcase. I was amazed how quick they changed the scenes, with Fitzwarren’s workshop changing to a dream sequence within minutes.

The night of 3d fun somehow becomes even more 3d with the assistance of glasses and a 3d shadow show. You could tell the audience enjoyed it by the amount of screaming, as cannon balls and various other things are thrown at you.

The night was a lot of fun and I highly recommend taking your children to the show, but do it quickly as tickets are selling quick