Review of the latest production from the Cut to the Chase cast at The Queen’s Theatre
Deathtrap, written by Ira Levin is a comedy-thriller about Sidney Bruhl, a previously successful playwright, who is feeling down on his luck after a series of box office flops. One day Sidney receives a screenplay from a student of his that he thinks could make millions and the question is; what is Sidney willing to do to get back into the limelight?

After seeing Deathtrap I agree with Stephen King who described Ira Levin as “the Swiss watchmaker of suspense novels, he makes what the rest of us do look like cheap watchmakers in drugstores.” On close inspection the story has been articulately put together to take both the characters and audience on a journey that asks if writing a crime thriller is a siphon or a catalyst to the psychotic mind.

Once again the talents of the Queens Theatre Cut to the Chase cast are displayed in this production.
Matt Devitt, who we most recently saw in ‘Love, Lies and Lust’ at the Queen’s Theatre, both co-directs the piece and plays the part of Sidney Bruhl. He does a magnificent job at portraying the bent mind of a man whose head, accustomed to imagining extensive fantasy murder plots, starts to plan manslaughter.
While Anna Skye plays Sidney’s wife and Skye shows her skill as she expresses the worry of Myra Bruhl as her husband’s behaviour turns to the strange, while trying to support him through these hard times.
Bibi Nerheim plays the outlandish, but surprisingly accurate, psychic Helga Ten Dorp and she provided a lot of the comedy of the night. Bibi had already shown a talent for playing bizarre characters when she played Sadie, the woman of few words, in The Rise and Fall of Little Voice and once again she shows that she is not afraid to throw herself into the part or into the bizarre.
Simon Jessop has appeared in multiple productions at The Queens Theatre and is an associate artist of the theatre, is both Co-Director Deathtrap and plays the Lawyer character of Porter Milgrim.
I have enjoyed Elliot Harper’s performances this season at The Queen’s Theatre, he showed his singing skills as womaniser Horner in ‘Love, Lies and Lust’, brought some compassion to ‘The Rise and Fall of Little Voice’ in the form of Love interest Billy and he shows his further acting skills in Deathtrap playing the seemingly ignorant character of the upcoming script writer Clifford Anderson.

With tension and mystery throughout, Deathtrap had me holding my breath the whole time as, just when I thought I’d got my mind around the plot; it suddenly flips itself on its head and left me further on the edge of my seat. Due to this mystery element, I do recommend that you avoid any spoilers before going to see it; this is so that you can enjoy trying to guess what will happen next as much as I did. The tensions are supported by use of music, lighting and shocks the whole time and there was one moment where I felt my seat move as everyone on my row physically jumped

Deathtrap is appearing at The Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch from the 25th October until the 16th November

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