Review of Bouncers and Shakers at @QueensTheatreH

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This month the Queen’s Theatre are placing on 2 performances at the same time, Bouncers and Shakers.
Shakers is the main performance and involves events in and around a night club and Bouncers is a 1 act side order to to Shakers and is about events outside a diffident  night club

Our night began with Bouncers and we were unsure what to expect.I would not call either Bouncers or Shakers a comedy but  dramas with a comic element to them. 

Bouncers is a 4 man production with each man playing at least 3 parts. The actors of cut to the chase involved in this production were Shaun Hennessy, James Earl Adair, Sean Needham and Mark Newnham. All the actors were on top form tonight playing multiple parts including the bouncers and girls on a night out.

Although I loved the cast, I found myself missed a few of the cut to the chase cast, specifically Simon Jessop who seems to be in absolutely every production, but I guess there was only places for 4 people. 

It took me a while to get my head around the plot and for the first 10mins I was more confused then anything but when I allowed my mind and imagination to be opened I found this funny and really emotional. I found myself caring for the characters, especially Lucky Eric, and wanting to know more about all there stories. 

Bouncers really got me ready for Shakers which was written by the same people (John Godber and Jane Thornton) and has a very similar premise, in that it stars 4 women (Rachel Dawson, Natasha Moore, Lucy Thackeray and Laura Pitt-Pulford) and they play more then 3 parts each. 

It’s always a joy seeing Natasha Moore who has been one of our favourite since we started visiting the Queen’s. 

When you walk in to see the set for Shakers, you can tell this is the main production, the set and costumes are a lot more luxurious. 

Again I found myself caring for the characters and enjoyed the actors playing the waiters and lads and girls on a night out. It was amazing how there whole persona changed in seconds as they simply turned around and played a different part. 

I highly recommend you go to see this production, it’s just a shame the production ends at the end of this week:

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